Frankly my dear – I don’t give a damn.

Oh Scarlett.

Lusting after Ashley Wilkes – a married man –  like a schoolgirl led you to lose sight of the greatest mustache to have ever crossed the golden screen of the 1930’s – Rhett Butler.

One of my lazy Sunday go to films is the saga that is  Gone With The Wind. Now some may say that it is a wholly inaccurate representation of life during civil war and the deep south but regardless it is an amazing piece of filmography for it’s time and even better for me it has a vast number of quotable  lines. Fiddle-dee-dee!

Most famous of these is the classically bittersweet,  oh no he didn’t, what has she done, moment of :

“Where shall I go? What shall I do?”

“Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

So famous is this climactic moment that the quote itself holds the prestigious number 1 title of greatest movie quote ever as voted for by the American Film Institute  in 2005. For it’s time the quote was a topic of scandal as it was deemed profane and had been previously  banned by the 1930 Motion Picture Association’s Production Code.

Now for those who have shamefully not seen or read GWTW the mammoth impact  of this quote  probably means nothing to you. However after what seems like 4 hours of watching Scarlett O Hara throw herself at the wrong man and then finally come to realize that the right one was the one who wanted her from the start -this quote encompasses all the mixed feeling you have for the characters.

Scarlett is annoying and a blind stubborn fool at times. Rhett Butler is constantly trying to romance the heart of a woman who is infatuated with a childhood crush. It’s a recipe for heartache. But it’s the moment everything changes – Scarlett realizes she loved the wrong man and Rhett realizes that it’s too little too late and all hope for them was lost with the sad death of their daughter.

The quote is a lesson to us all:

Sometimes it’s too late to realize the truth of our actions.

So we better start giving a damn.





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