May The Force Be With You

There is nothing as unfair in the world as injustice. Now in the grand scheme of things the following count of injustice is by no means comparable to some of the world’s most horrific inequalities, but nonetheless somebody has been cheated.Let me set the scene:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. one man is severely robbed of a fantastic quote.

This inequality is so brutish, for it does not involve the outright, beat-him-down, dismissal that you would expect to get if you suggested bringing a salad to a BBQ. No this injustice is by all means far, far worse. Imagine if you were invited to said BBQ and you spent all day marinating, roasting, braising and grilling a colossal beauty of a ten bird roast. You smile with pride, eyes glazed over like the golden brown skin of your trophy turkey, as you arrive at the party. You lay your contribution to the lunchtime soiree down next to some measly spare ribs some novice has brought. You turn your head to wipe your brow , you’ve sweated out all day in the heat of your kitchen whilst you were being simultaneously a domestic god and savage brute. ( Stuffing ten different forms of poultry in one another is not for the faint hearted.) When you turn back to the table you see a crowd around your turkey. You smile inwardly, you didn’t do it for the praise but hey – perks of the job right? And then you see it. People patting some random , not you, guy’s back, aplauding his efforts and praising him for his “way too much”, “so kind” and “skilful” contribution. And what’s worse, the chump is standing there not saying anything – he’s taking all the credit! You don’t want to be that guy who ruins the mood and draws attention to himself by correcting everyone – its too late now anyway, ownership has well and truly been lost. You’re like the songwriter of a hit pop song, lurking behind the stage, happy that your song is number one, but at the same time dejected at the fact that nobody will ever recognise the poetic lyrics as yours.

This my friends is exactly the case in ” May the force be with you.”

Yes our silent hero here is in fact General Dodonna of the Galactic Republic Army. He wishes that the force be with the rebel pilots during the attack on the Death Star. ( Now the details of understanding the circumstances surrounding the quote are not paramount, but essentially he’s wishing the pilots good luck.) Alas General Dodonna is no competition for the American Film Institute’s number 14 ranked best film hero – Hans Solo. But in fact Hans did not solo come up with “may the force be with you.” But it is nonetheless misquoted to being said initially by him. Now General Dodonna is a good guy, he’s not a main character, he’s not got Hans Solo’s looks or hairy handymen. What difference would it make to him if he were to kick up a fuss and shout about how “he said it first” anyway? The fact is, that the quote was so damn inspirational, epic and profound that in every following Episode of Star wars it was said.

Doing things in life for the fame and fortune is rarely a fruitful endeavour- that would be a Wookiee error. (I am so proud of that one) Although it is nice to have your efforts acknowledged,sometimes its more rewarding when its the things we least expected to, that make the biggest impact.

So here’s to the silent heroes. The General Dodonna’s amongst us – our time shall come.

“Patience you must have – young padawan ” Yoda

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