But Who Is Saying This?

” Drink from the well of yourself and begin again.” Charles Bukowski

I’ve recently found myself at a point in my life where I was thinking hard about what defines me. I am no longer a child and cannot get away with reeling off a fantastical list of things I do to spend my time. Alas I am an adult. So sitting down and thinking about how exactly I spend my free time was a struggle – I’m not an adventurous outdoor rock climber nor am I musician . All hope was lost – I had resigned myself to being unwanted by all walks of free time escapades. But then it dawned on me – hobbies aren’t always so obvious. You don’t have to actively assign time, or go somewhere for something to be hobby.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how we met. Who said romance was dead?

I am quotes. I love quotes and sayings, they give me  a sense of past, present and future. I love referring to lines from movies and books  in conversation and I get pretty excited when people get the reference.

So this blog is a reflection of that. A quote or saying will be posted with a brief history of its origins, when people tend to use it and other interesting facts about it.

This blog won’t have pictures of mountains of whom my feet have been upon, nor will it have tales of injuries I acquired whilst paragliding across the grand canyon.

Close – but no cigar.

I don’t try to say something new because undoubtedly someone has said it better than me before. In fact that’s  what I am about – finding those words strung together by someone else  which captures the essence of everything you want to say and mean to say.

I’m the delivery man of quotes and sayings. Bringing you parcels as often as I can – wrapped up in layers of useless fact and horribly bad humour.

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